crawlwithwings (crawlwithwings) wrote,

The Killing Season 4 (spoiler warning!)

I just finished The Killing. It was pretty fucking obvious that the kid killed his family and wanted to. It was also obvious that he molested his little sister. My roommate still denies he did that. I feel like this season really fucks with our minds. We want to sympathize with this guy who seems to be a good person, but we find out that he is damaged, and seeks to damage more, in the end he has regret, but is it a show for the detectives? The detectives both are at the end of their "ropes" at this point and both of them leave the profesion. The people who falsify the "suicide" of Skinner probably stay on the force. The guy is divorced (big shock!) and in the end they collapse into eachothers arms. In my opinion, they do so as friends and may end up fucking, even though I think he is ok with the NA and AA ass he pulls, but my roommate is adamant that they end up together, and she is NOT happy with that, and wish he stayed with the lawyer. I asked her why and she says "she's good for him" . And then I remember that people are really fucking delusional. When the world pulls the rug under my roommate's feet I'll be there for her but I wont' be shocke.d
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