The Killing Season 4 (spoiler warning!)
I just finished The Killing. It was pretty fucking obvious that the kid killed his family and wanted to. It was also obvious that he molested his little sister. My roommate still denies he did that. I feel like this season really fucks with our minds. We want to sympathize with this guy who seems to be a good person, but we find out that he is damaged, and seeks to damage more, in the end he has regret, but is it a show for the detectives? The detectives both are at the end of their "ropes" at this point and both of them leave the profesion. The people who falsify the "suicide" of Skinner probably stay on the force. The guy is divorced (big shock!) and in the end they collapse into eachothers arms. In my opinion, they do so as friends and may end up fucking, even though I think he is ok with the NA and AA ass he pulls, but my roommate is adamant that they end up together, and she is NOT happy with that, and wish he stayed with the lawyer. I asked her why and she says "she's good for him" . And then I remember that people are really fucking delusional. When the world pulls the rug under my roommate's feet I'll be there for her but I wont' be shocke.d

Utopia and Hemlock Grove
So I recently have finished off both shows (Utopia's second season is still ongoing) and both shows seem to have strong elements of violence that at times may be excessive, to the common TV watcher. I heard that the budget for Utopia was under 8 million pounds (or whatever british currency is...)! As I watched the credits roll, I noticed that they didn't have a massive crew or cast but managed ot make the show seem so rich and the world so real with such a small budget. The entire first series cost a little more than one episode of Game of thrones costs to produce. Hemlock Grove on the other hand cost quite a bit. In comparison, X-files, another scifi/horror/fantasy show cost 1/4 what HG costs per episode. I understand that there are things like inflation, ect but how does the production cost go up so dramatically? Is it because TV is becoming increasingly filmic?

Fall 2014 TV Lineup
It fucking sucks, and the comedy side of it is pretty damn white.

The dramas all seem to be riding on the Scandal coattails, and that alone isn't a bad thing, but god fucking damnnit do we need another crazy conspiracy theory show?

X-Men Apocalypse Fan Cast! Part 1
After 20th Century Fox 's recent Xmen film made over 300 million dollars,they announced two more additions to the franchise; Apocalypse and X-Force. This move is consistent with Fox's determination to pave it's own path in creating a cinematic universe that can continue pulling in revenue for the studio. Apocalypse would take place during the 80's and so would X-force.

Cable, a time traveling no-nonsense mutant, who is pivotal in X-Force, happens to be Apocalypse's worst enemy. This rivalry is well known to marvel comic readers, and there is much speculation on how the main villian of the current trilogy may play a role in the X-Force spinoff.

Rumor has it that Fan Bing Bing's Jinx is returning, and she is from the 2010's so she obviously would have to time travel to be a participant in the Apocalypse, and that could involve Cable!

Here are some popular fan suggestions for the younger versions of loved Xmen.

Jean Grey
Famke Jaansen did the imposible and humanized Jean Grey, the mightiest X-Man. In order to pick the young version of Jean , strength must be considered. An actress with both beauty and grit must be found. Who in hollywood, has that true grit?
Hailee Steinfeld!

She is a natural brunette just like Famke, and can get the same red dye job, and the angst of Jean, who is too powerful for her own good, and needs to be saved from herself, some milquetoast stunner can't portray that pain and strength, Hailee was BORN for this ROLE!!hailee-steinfeld-2014-met-ball-red-carpet-03


Storm, is Professor's X right hand woman. Her origin story is a potential tear jerker. The way she finds her place in the academy, and realizes her leadership skills is a story that we all want to see. But who can take Academy Award winning Halle Berry's mantle for the role? After only one season , Kyle Bunburry, of "Twisted" has proven she has intense dramatic chops. Kyle could legitimize the mystical roots of Storm with her acting. Just like Shaeleen Woodley, from "The Secret life of American Teenager" Kyle can prove her talent with elevated material. qlibod-l-610x610-shorts-sequin-shorts-gold-and-black-shorts-kylie-bunbury-blouse-shoes

Scott is underrated. He is a cool guy that anybody with 2 brain cells would want to be friends with in the comics. The movies didn't do him justice so far. Its now time to redeem him! A very likable actor needs to be casted to play him. Who on this planet is loved as much as Dylan O' Brien?

to be continued...

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